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The benefits of soft water...

With reduced mineral content, it prevents the buildup of limescale, extending the lifespan of appliances and plumbing systems. 

Studies show that soft water can reduce energy consumption in water heaters by up to 20%, leading to lower energy bills.
  • Protects Appliances
  • Improves Hair & Skin
  • Energy Savings Up To 20%
  • Increased Soap & Detergent Efficiency

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Frequently asked question

Are there down payments on Financing with Oasis H2O?

No down payments required! With RBC Financing you have 3-6 months of interest free and zero payment periods. Once you get approved there is no downpayment fee, just reach out to us to book your installation date!

What kind of maintenance is required on a water softener?

Generally water softener maintenance is very minimal. Depending on water usage you will have to top up salt once every 30-60 days. On top of that a valve and brine tank check is recommended every 1-2 years

What happens if my new system stops working?

Every system we sell comes with manufacturer warrantys. Water Softeners have standard warranty initated for upto 10 years while Reverse Osmosis systems are warranted for upto 1 year.
Any defects or issues on a system will be replaced by a brand new system under manufacturers warranty. T&C Apply