Who We Are




Oasis H2O is a family owned business, supplying Water & Water Purification Products, located in Cambridge, Ontario. The business was established in 2001 with an attention to detail in providing you with the best service and most economical water purification equipment in the industry.

With the basic, no nonsense style of Water Softeners & Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, coupled with quality workmanship, it has been our staple to success. Whether it's your home or business, Water is our game!

As our business grew, our product line grew. Offering Purified Water & Ice for commercial, industrial, and the restaurant and food industry was only the beginning. Customizing the perfect system for each individual's needs, well, this is where we exceed. You get exactly what you need, no more guess work, Don't sell yourself short or get more than you need. Call Oasis H2O and get a detailed explanation of what customizing a system is all about.

Oasis H2O strongly believes in delivering only quality products, and that means a careful selection process of what subcomponents we use as well. Whenever possible, we use Canadian-made materials, demanding top quality equipment that you, as a customer, as well as myself, can depend on for years to come. And above all, unlike some others, we service what we sell.


Shane W. Hahn