Water Refill Station

At Oasis H2O we have a Reverse Osmosis refill station consisting of 3 taps that are hooked up to a commercial grade system that supplies the purest RO water in the area. 
$3.75 each or 3 for $10.00
*The more you fill the more you get with discounted prices based on the number of refills.

Super Saturdays

The offers don't end there, if you visit us on the Last Saturday of every month each refill will be discounted to $2.00/Bottle
Spring & Distilled Water
We also sell Spring and Distilled water in 5 Gallon jugs straight from your local natural springs.
$5.99/18.9 Liter Bottle Exchange Program

*Spring and Distilled exchanges are only eligible with 18.9 Liter /5 Gallon bottles purchased from Oasis H2O.

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