3 Item You Need In Your Next Camping Trip

3 Item You Need In Your Next Camping Trip

As the days get warmer and the snow fades away, a lot of families look to hit the road and cabins for the perfect summer getaway. Planning the right park reservation and hiking tours are important but considering you’re a long way from home or the nearest grocery store this list of the top 3 items you need will help you have the perfect vacation without the hassle and tassel.

Packing items can get hectic especially when you’re going with a party of 7 or 8 people for more than a couple of days. That’s why its important to have your essentials packed first such as food, water and clothes before anything else. And just because you’re out camping does not mean its an excuse to eat pre-cooked canned food or drink unclean water, you can have all the luxuries you have at home out in the wilderness as well!


#1- Larger Water Jugs for Larger Families

Many people tend to buy a load of small water bottles for their camping trip and there are so many reasons why that is not the most practical thing to be doing. First, you end up with a ton of unwanted plastic bottles that have no purpose after its empty and a lot of it stays behind in the parks. Also buying a good amount of individual water bottles can be expensive and take up a lot of room in the trunk of your car.

water bottle

These 5-gallon water jugs are your best bet. They’re much bigger and hold a lot of water that can be used for days on end. The bottles are also made of BPA-Free plastic which means its more durable than your average water bottle and does not leach plastic into the water you drink. These jugs also come with handles so its easy to move around and it tends to not take as much space when you’re packing up. And the best part? These specific bottles are reusable and last anywhere between 2-4 years with regular cleaning and care of course.


#2- Waterproof Lighter

This item right here is a campers dream come true. While you might be looking for the best camping experience possible not many people like the idea of lighting a campfire with a few sticks of wood or a magnifying glass. The Icfun waterproof lighter is everything you need in a lighter plus the extra quirks like it being waterproof. Powered by AC Charging this lighter sparks a flame for 2 hours on a full charge. 

 waterproof lighter

Something else that makes this specific lighter stand out from every other basic lighter is the electric component of it. Which means that in windy conditions out in the wild, this lighter will not flicker, weaken or change direction. While it does have all these added benefits, a major drawback to this is the single charge battery life. It needs a power source for it to charge which is obviously not practical out in the wild so a power bank will have to do, or just try not to keep it on for longer periods of time. 


#3- Dolphin Water Bottle Pump

This pump in particular has camping written all over it. It is the most ideal and practical tool you will ever have for your camping trip and here’s why. It provides large camping parties with ease of access to your water jugs, think of it as having 10 different bottles for 10 people or one big bottle where all of them can share from. Its convenience is unmatched and that's why a lot of campers choose to purchase one.

dolphin manual pump

This specific pump is a crowd favorite because you don't need to use small bottles whatsoever. It also provides a multi use system so the pivot that dispenses water at the end can be used for drinking, cooking, washing items etc. It latches onto the mouth of the bottle and also acts as a cap of sorts so leaves or bugs don't get into the bottle which is another worry for most campers. While it is an ideal item to have it is important to note that it's an extra items that needs to be carried alongside everywhere you go. 

In Conclusion

Whether you're already planning out next summers trip or invested in the whole concept of camping, these top 3 items are sure to make your experience in the wilderness stress free and easy. And when it comes to the longevity of these items, their purpose is not merely limited to the summer season. These items for the most part can be used all around the house on a daily basis and increase the worth of your investment. Also, all these items are below the CA$25 mark so it's sure to not drain your wallet. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section down below, and until then, happy camping! 






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