Do I Need A Reverse Osmosis System or Water Softener?

Do I Need A Reverse Osmosis System or Water Softener?

It's come to your mind that the various signs around your house such as water that tastes and smells bad depicts the need for a water filtration system. But there are many different systems and brands out there that have their own individual properties and jobs in the filtration process. If this bothers you, don't worry, you're in the right place. Just buckle up and read on!

Now, for the folk that aren't aware of signs around their house and are just curious, let's go over some telltale signs of hard or contaminated water.

Hard Water Signs To Look Out For:

  • Water Stains (on Dishes, Cutlery, Bathroom Doors)
  • Mineral Stains on Appliances
  • Mineral Buildup on Pipes
  • Your Laundry Colors Seem to be Faded
  • Particular Skin Conditions in Children and Family Members

Contaminated Water Signs To Look Out For:

  • Chlorine-Like Scent & Taste
  • Has A Strong Smell
  • Cloudy Like Consistency
  • Tastes Unusual From Time to Time

Water Softeners

You might definitely have heard of a water softener from friends or family considering they are very popular here in North America. We already went over the properties of hard water and how it may affect you, if so, a water softener is your best bet. A water softener, irrespective of its brand, is manufactured and tested solely for the purification of water to the whole of your house. It's main job? Is to turn hard water into soft water. 

But what really is soft water? Soft water is water that is free of the chemicals and minerals that would otherwise contribute to the issues of hard water. In other words, hard water is hard, because of the magnitude of minerals present in the water itself. So in an ideal scenario, you'd want soft water running through the pipes of your home. Why? Because it helps develop the life of your appliances, gets rid of hard water stains, helps improve your skin health and cuts down on the mineral buildup in your pipes that will save you money over time. 

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Now in all honesty a water softener can make water drinkable if you're only issue is hard water. Drinking soft water right off the taps in your house ensures the water is free of minerals and that its healthier for you considering the benefits it provides against the development of kidney stones. However, many people do not resolve to drinking soft water because of its sodium levels. A water softener uses salt brine to charge its resin beads and provide us with soft water, in turn, the water that is softened contains larger than normal amounts of sodium.

That's when a Reverse Osmosis system comes into play. A RO system is everything you would ever want for the freshest and purest drinking water at home. Think of it as an incredibly affordable bottled water facility directly installed under the sink of your own kitchen. RO systems use water feed and filter technology that ensures your water is free of contaminants, bad taste, smelly odors and minerals. Reverse osmosis systems are installed with its dedicated tank and faucet which allows for continuous drinking water with great capacity. 

A number of people turn to Reverse osmosis systems because of high chlorine levels in their tap water. You can expect your RO system to effectively filter out these chemical contaminants from your drinking water:

  • Chlorine
  • Arsenic
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Nitrate
  • Sulfate

Here's Your Bundle Solution

We talked about the water softener being your solution for hard water around your house and a reverse osmosis system as a solution for contaminants in your drinking water. But what happens when you want a solution for both these issues? Hard water and contaminants in drinking water? As of yet, the most effective solution to these problems is having both a water softener system and reverse osmosis filtration system. Considering it's price point to be under $1600 for both systems installed, the process of it taking your in house hard and contaminated water to soft water that is fresh and healthy to drink is highly favored among clients in the industry.

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