The 3 Most Economical Reverse Osmosis Systems

The 3 Most Economical Reverse Osmosis Systems

If you are in the market for a reverse osmosis system because your water tastes or smells bad, has too many city chemicals or is too under regulated in your area, you're in the right place. Reverse osmosis is undoubtedly the most popular water filtration process in the world and for all the right reasons as well. We will go over some reverse osmosis basics and then jump right into the 3 best and most efficient systems you should keep your eyes open for in the market right now. 

What Does A Reverse Osmosis System Do?

An RO system is designed as multiple stages combined into one system that filters water from chemicals and contaminants such as lead, arsenic, sodium, copper, nitrate etc. You would have come across reverse osmosis Pentair GAC 10 filtersystems with multiple stages most commonly the 4 or 5 stage systems. A stage is basically a filter that is hooked up to the system that is responsible for one certain property of water filtration, for example, stage 1 in a system would be a sediment filter that removes small materials or debris and stage 2 could be a carbon filter that removes bad odor.




#1- Pentair GRO-2550

The Pentair GRO-2550 is undoubtedly one of the most effective reverse osmosis systems manufactured in North America by Pentair Water Solutions. A major reason why this is such a highly ranked system in the industry has a lot to do with the GRO-50 GPD (Gallons per Day) encapsulated membrane. The membrane features a world class water recovery rate as you get 2x the efficiency compared to other systems in the filtration process. The GRO-2550 is extremely effective in chlorinated and non-chlorinated potable drinking water applications. 


reverse osmosis system

Most GRO-2550 systems come pre packaged as a kit that features a 4-Gallon tank and a faucet that hooks up to the system. It features sediment removal, bad taste and odor removal applications. If effectiveness is what you are looking for, the GRO-2550 system is perfect for you. It is also NSF certified for materials and overall performance. 


#2 - Pentair 75 GPD Freshpoint

 Pentair's Freshpoint series is one of the most advanced reverse osmosis systems to come out of North America. It features a touchless design that consists of pins and the filter placement so that when its time to replace these filters, the process is as easy as its going to be. This system also comes with a connection to all filters and an alarm system that is triggered when its time for a filter change. Talk about effectiveness, gone are the days where you forget about filter changes and end up drinking water that is barely even filtered.

Freshpoint Reverse Osmosis system
The Freshpoint series is also ranked as giving one of the best tasting water by the end of the filtration process. It also features a high flow rate, meaning, you wouldn't have to wait for water as much since the system operates at a quicker pace. The Freshpoint system does go for a couple hundred bucks more than other similar reverse osmosis systems in the market but that extra investment is worthwhile for a feature you cannot get anywhere else. The auto reminder for filter changes only makes your Freshpoint system more effective and reliable in the long run. 

#3 - Pro Line  50GPD Economy Style

What the Pro Line system brings to the table is your regular and classical reverse osmosis system that does not bite on what technology has to offer. If you're the type of person that requires simplicity over everything else, the Pro Line Economy Style system is for you. It does not feature any automatic notifying system or quick release filters, but, what it does offer is tons of reliability and efficiency. Often regarded as the workhorse of reverse osmosis systems, the Pro Line Economy Style provides up to 99% Total Dissolved Solids rejection from your water. 


Aqua Flo Reverse osmosis system

The Aqua Flow Economy style system is also regarded as one of the cheapest running systems in the market right now as it has the lowest cost per liter of any filtration method out there, almost 9x as cost effective as bottled water. The Aqua Flo is guaranteed to provide effective filtration for a longer period of time.


In Conclusion 

All of these systems will give you the features and effective filtration at little to no cost. If you feel like the days of running around the supermarket looking for bottled water is over then you should really consider investing in an RO system. If not, then you've learned almost everything you need to know about the best reverse osmosis systems in the market right now. Feel free to leave any comments in the section below and don't forget, good water equals good health!

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