The Dangers of Drinking Tap Water

The Dangers of Drinking Tap Water

Water, Water and More Water. And I'll say it once more, Water, is undoubtedly one of the (if not) the most essential resource we have available. The scientific results are outstanding as well. But what happens when you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

It may be obvious that water from your taps as compared to bottled water would have its differences. The way to a healthier lifestyle is yes, drinking tons of water, but also making sure that water is of the highest quality. After all, you wouldn't want to get sick from something that's meant to be healthy.


The Dangers of Tap Water

While it does have its benefits, tap water for the most part is filled with contaminants that enters your body and may harm your health. A reason for this is that a majority of tap water is not highly regulated by a certified environmental or water agency, nor is it charged for, which makes it all the more unsafe.



The most significant and popular type of contaminant found in tap water is Lead. While you may have heard of lead and its catastrophic effects on the human body you might think that the tap water you drink would not have any particles of it nor would that be enough to cause any harm. But, that's where you would be mistaken, a single microgram of lead, if found in your body is enough to cause health problems such as anemia or brain damage.



One more contaminant you should be aware of that can end up in your tap water is Mercury. It mainly comes from the runoff of water through farming of industrial activities. And just like Lead, if you find yourself exposed to Mercury over periods of time, you may be more prone to kidney damage.


In Conclusion

Here's what you should consider, try to avoid drinking from tap water, while it may be convenient for other things it is advisable that the general population turn to bottled water as a source for drinking water. Bottled water is filtered and here at Oasis H2O we can refill bottles for you as well! We also run deals on bottled water, get in touch to learn more!

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