The 3 Best Water Softeners Right Now - Buying Guide

The 3 Best Water Softeners Right Now - Buying Guide

Hard water's been a problem for you since forever and you're in the market for a water softener. It is obviously hard as a first timer to pick and choose the right system from the hundreds available all across the market. But that's what we're here for, this buying guide will rank the best selling and most effective residential water softener systems in the market right now and tell you exactly which one is the best fit for you. We've done the research so you don't have to, but just before we jump into the top 3, you need to figure out the required capacity of your softener.

There are 5 main sizes you can choose from depending on the number of people in your household and the Total Hardness level of the existing water in house. Check out our 2 Minute Water Softener Sizing Guide to determine the exact softener capacity you should be looking for. 

Metered or Time Based Systems

When you're out in the market for a water softener purchase you might have come across various different types of water softener models that seem a little confusing, some of these are:
fleck water softener
    While all these terms may sound like different meanings, there are two main types of systems you should be looking for when purchasing your first water softener. These are either the metered or time based systems. Metered water softeners regenerate on its own using salt and a metered connection to the tank so that regeneration occurs according to the level of water that is remaining. The benefit? Well a metered connection is more efficient, if you were to go on vacation for a couple weeks the softener will not regenerate as there is no consumption during that time.

    However, the opposite applies to time based systems. Time based water softeners have a regeneration cycle that can be manually set to a certain duration or time of day. While it may not be as efficient as a metered softener system, the time based system gives you full control over the regeneration cycle which some people prefer to have. 

    #1 - Fleck 5600 SXT Water Softener 

    Coming in at number one, the Fleck 5600 SXT Meter Based Water Softener manufactured by the industry's most trusted company Pentair, is the most economical and durable system in the market right now. It features user friendly controls that gives you the ability to easily program the system with an adjustable 3 cycle control. The valve that sits on top of the tank also comes with a double backwash setup that reduces the likelihood of leaks to occur as hardwater passes through the system.                                                         
    fleck water softener

     However, the main reason why the Fleck 5600 SXT is one of the best sellers in the industry is because the durability it features against hard water allows it to withstand that hard water flow for a longer period of time. In simpler words, this water softener will last relatively longer than other systems in the market. The Fleck 5600 comes in various different valves and control panels that adjust to a users own preference and in-house plumbing structure as well. The more recent updates to the Fleck series include the Fleck 5812 XTR2 that comes with a touchscreen control valve for just a couple hundred bucks more. It connects to your mobile device to give status and regeneration cycle updates for the most extravagant user experience in the softener market right now.

    #2 - Autotrol 268/760 Water Softener

    The Autotrol 268/760 also manufactured by Pentair in North America ranks in 2nd place for all the right reasons as well. The Autotrol line of water softeners is popular amongst the statistical gurus that are in the market for a brand new system. It features an LCD control panel that gives users all sorts of useful stats when it comes to the performance and efficiency of their softener system. It provides valuable information such as:

    autotrol water softener

    The Autotrol 268/760 also features a programmed storage memory system which means that all the performance data collected over a period of time will not be lost in case of a power outage. This particular line of water softener systems also comes in the 268/740 valve which is a clock type system and is relatively cheaper than the metered system. While both systems are well liked in the market, the Autotrol 268/760 valve is a touch more favored due to its meter controlled valve which allows for more efficient regeneration cycles. But here is why most people love the Autotrol line of softeners, because it fits a wide array of residential households. The Autotrol comes in sizes as big as 3 Cubic Feet and as small as 0.64 Cubic Feet for the smaller sized families or couples.

    #3 - Clack WS1 Water Softener

    The Clack WS1 series water softeners manufactured in the US has been popular in the market for quiet some time now. Clack water softeners have been ideal for residents because of its simple user interface and installation procedure. Clack systems were also one of the first softeners to ever hit the market, which means they are very well reputed in the industry amongst buyers and sellers. This system is also capable of up to 36 pre-programmed regeneration cycles that are based on your specific control valve settings. It also features a double backwash system that offers optimum regeneration and efficiency in the process. 
    clack water softener
    While Clack softeners are in no doubt one of the best selling systems in the market, the popularity of it has declined ever since the recent past. The main reason for it is the build quality of the valve itself. But, it does not go to say that many home owners found the Clack to be very easy to install by themselves and it is one of the most user friendly systems in the market. 

    What Now?

    So there you go, a comprehensive list of the top 3 performing softener systems in the market right now. It is pretty clear that these systems manufactured in North America are highly efficient and affordable while in no doubt do exactly what their designed to do. As far as warranty's go, these systems will easily last you anywhere between 10-15 years with regular servicing.

    Here at Oasis H2O we test your water and provide you with the best system suited to your own preferences and usage. We also offer FREE INSTALLATION with a 30 day workmanship guarantee on our softener systems in the Cambridge region and FREE SHIPPING in Ontario. You can contact us HERE for more information or to request a quote. Until then, stay hydrated!

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